Happy New Year and UPDATE!!!

Forgive me readers for completely deserting you all!!! Full time work and motherhood got me and it seems like all I was doing for a while was working, sleeping, working and sleeping!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a happy and healthy new year. So where to start . . .

Career – Well the hairdressing has been crazy!! Have learnt and still learning so much. The salon i’m working in has been interesting to say the least. Working with a fab bunch of ladies and some not so fabulous (even though they think they are) and its been a rocky road with bitchiness and training etc but things seem to have settled now and college have given me a completion date in February to finish my NVQ Level 2 which is two months earlier than planned so that’s boosted my confidence a little bit! The only thing i wish work wise is that we have a few more younger people through the door. Not being ageist or anything and most of our little old clients are very lovely, however it would be nice to see some more modern styles going on.

Models – Love the models I have been doing especially at college as the people are so varied and everyone comes from different walks of life and have different stories to tell. I still can’t help but being so harsh on myself. Whilst at college sometimes whilst practicing on my block or on a client I can be so quiet (those of you that know me, hold your comments), I put such pressure on myself to make sure the clients hair is perfect, which in one way is good as it means i’m always giving 100% to what i’m doing but in other ways not so good because I criticize my own work so much and sometimes I have to remember I have only been training for 8 months and my skills will develop over time.

Doing models has not only given the practice I need to become a stylist, but I think it has made me grow as a person. I know a lot of people say “hairdressers are like counselors and know all the gossip”. I have learnt that this statement is 100% true. Everybody you say hello to, shampoo, or style has or wants to share a story with you. After a few weeks of working in the salon i realised a lot of people are looking after another relative or being looked after them self and sometimes the only faces they see once a week are ours in the salon (poor clients he he he). It has made me see how lucky I am to have a happy and healthy family. Some of these women are in their 90’s but there at the salon every week with a full face of make up and nice cheery smile to brighten up the morning.

I still feel feel like I prefer doing colour that however is probably because i feel more confident doing colour as to cutting, again i’m sure in time as my skills develop I will feel as confident cutting as I do colouring. However my 2nd cutting model was interesting one. I work with her so was quite nervous to even touch her hair ┬áin the first place and being a lovely girl like she is i know she wouldn’t say too much if she didn’t like the way i had styled it. She came in to be a model on her day off, and feeling rather nervous i shampooed her hair whilst catching up on what she’d been doing that week. I couldn’t help but think whilst she was talking, about her lovely long hair i was about to cut and what lovely long it still is (Thank god i didn’t scalp her). As you will know if you are a hairdresser, if someone has long hair its best for you to cut it at your eye level. So with my manager watching over me and my colleague standing up with her head tilted slightly towards the ground I began sectioning and cutting the guideline, all seemed to be going well, except i have a tendency to leave the right side about 1 mm longer than the left. I worked up the back of her head, until got to the final section at the top of her head and the salon phone starts to ring and the next lot of clients had began to gather at the reception desk. As the only one free, my manager asks me if i’m ok to cut by myself for a second so she can sort out the chaos. “of course” I replied and off she went to tend to the clients. (in my head at this point I was freaking out, imagining all sorts of things could go wrong being left by myself to cut this last section by my self). So I took a deep breath and began to comb the section down, as I put my scissors in and put my comb between my fingers, the blade on the scissors began to open and my colleague lent back on me. “Stop messing around” I snapped sharply and jolted her forwards, “I’m just about to cut” Then my colleague began to slip down my body, until her head was laying on my feet and eyes started to roll in the back of her head. “Oh my god” I screamed and immediately another stylist came over and took over trying to bring my poor colleague round as she lay still and now motionless on the floor. She must of been out for between 20-30 seconds which seemed like a life time and all of a sudden she opened her eyes and said “What am I doing on the floor” and up she jumped in her cheery manor and was shocked by what had happened but had a little giggle and told me to carry on! I was more shaken up then she was and I have to say I hope I never have to experience it again!!

Enough of the salon even though hairdressing is my passion, my 1st passion in life as you may or may not know is being a mother to my beautiful son Benjamin, now aged 2 years and 3 months old!

He has grown up to be the most fun-loving toddler. He’s still always wearing his cheeky smile but the change in him this year has been immense. Matt and myself have watched him go from a little boy in January who just started to walk into a proper little cheeky toddler. He loves everything transport (typical boy) Planes, trains and cars oh and animals and more recently Bob the builder, which he has made his own little rendition of. Ben has gone from saying hardly anything in the past couple of months (which worried me as lots of my friends children were chit chattering away from an early age) to speaking quite clearly now and adding to his vocabulary every day.

We are just starting potty train which is an exciting yet messy time as most parents know. He seems to be growing up very quickly and I sit and think I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up. A new adventure for him to start soon is going to be nursery. As he was born in late September 2011 he will not start a state nursery until Sept 2015 which will be 3 weeks before his fourth birthday, so we’ve decided as well as him going to the childminder still who is excellent with him,that he would benefit in going to a private nursery for a bit, in order for him to socialise and mix with other children his age. Also for him to start education and be in a “school environment” learning rules and discipline and how to interact with other children and adults. I also feel this will encourage him to speak more as most parents and family members can admit to understanding toddler language and not always pushing a child to say the word, instead letting them point the cup and just giving it to them etc.

I have to thank my Mum and Matt and a few of the ladies at work for their continued support and help and picking me up when I’ve been down. For the training I’ve received so far at work, i thank my manager who has always stuck up for me and helped me she’s a star (and made me shop for clothes). The other girls at work who have helped with parenting advice, hairdressing and making me laugh making work that much more enjoyable.

Benjamin was the reason i got into hairdressing, I had always loved hairdressing but the main reason I stuck at it this time was for him. To better our lives, letting him live a comfortable life and letting me pursue my dream. Thank you Benjamin I Love You more than any words could describe.



Day Twenty Three – Day Two of Being a Full Timer

Career – Today went really quick. Met a couple more of the other stylists today. A really lovely older woman, really willing to help me with my training and two more that are going to take some getting used to. Both middle age women, seems ridiculous that they were almost trying to intimidate me. Guess they were just letting me know I was the ‘small fish’ so to speak.

Other than them two I had a great day. I learnt to neutralise a perm properly. Had good feedback from the stylists so I guess they like me which is good!!

Motherhood – Couldn’t wait to get home to see Ben and Matt today. Ben went too Rachel’s this morning and they went off too childminding group at our local children centre and Matt picked him up this afternoon. The two of them had a great afternoon so when I arrived home I had two very happy chappy’s at the door. I love coming home to a warm welcome (who doesn’t). I love the way Benjamin screams with excitement and jumps onto me. I got a few kisses and he helped me eat my dinner (as per normal). Unfortunately he showed me his new trick! Being able to bite his toes! So I thought I’d share it with you guys!!!


No tantrums tonight which was wonderful. So we peacefully watched iggle piggle and Ben went to bed and straight to sleep.


Day Twenty Two – Practical Begins

College – What an awesome day. Was so tired this morning. Wasn’t feeling very motivated so getting to college was lovely, all the girls were in good spirits with some funny stories to tell from their salons. We all had a quick chat and went upstairs to find a different tutor! What a sigh of relief it was the tutor we had in our 1st week she is so lovely, funny and has such a great with with words when teaching.

The morning was all theory, some more health and safety to get done. Got our E3 tests back from last week and bloody fantastic news. I passed with flying colours!!! I was so happy as only another girl and I passed without having to do a 2nd attempt! Sat another E3 today so I guess I get the marks for that next Wednesday.

Afternoon was a practical session. Recapping shampooing this time we used each other as models rather than the blocks (dolly heads). Learnt how to blow dry using a paddle brush. I paired up with a girl who I talk to at college who has shoulder length hair and I did really well my tutor said. The staff were quite shocked it was my 1st attempt at blow drying (sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet but I’m so proud of myself). So a rather good afternoon.

Motherhood – I know children don’t like doing things according to plan, in fact Ben right royally mucked mine up this morning. Normally I get up at 6am, get ready, try and eat some breakfast and get mine and bens bag ready, then I make bens breakfast and then wake him up. No this morning Ben got up before my alarm had gone off so this morning went a bit wrong, shall we say.

Still out the door by just after 7:30am dropped him to Rachel’s. After college I went to collect him. He was having so much fun, i got a limited Benjamin kiss but he didn’t want to come in from the garden and tantrum time occurred. He soon got over it once we left! Since he’s been home he’s been quite good and now we prepare for bath, iggle piggle and bed time!!!

Have a good evening.


Day Twenty One – New Job

Career – 1st day in my new salon. Loved it!!! Seems a lot more professional then the previous salon. A busier atmosphere. The manageress is really lovely, very approachable. Don’t feel like I’m disturbing her if I wanted to ask a question.

A quiet morning the manageress let me go home and get my college work to complete whilst we had no one in. She helped me out a bit with some of the healthy and safety questions (unit G20).

Had such a good day but I missed my little man so much!!!

Motherhood – Getting up this morning was strange. No Ben calling me from his room. I even walked into his room (habit I think) and there was no cute little face peering over the cot. With only me to get ready I got to have a quick cup of tea and even got the dishwasher done before I had to get ready for work.

Was so excited to get home and see Ben. Lovely cuddles when he finally got over a tantrum outburst!! A few more bits of guilt tripping behaviour and we are now ignoring each other!!! Toddlers ey!!!

Well I hope you all enjoy your evenings what ever you do.

P.s as I write the last part of my blog. Ben leans against my arm as if to say sorry mum!!!


Day Twenty – Babyless

First of all my apologies for no blog last night. I was so tired and didn’t have anything to share.

Today I dropped Ben at Rachel’s in the morning and went to the citizens advice bureau to query why working tax credit would not pay my childcare anymore. They was as baffled as me after all working rax credits mission statement is “helping families on low income” (surely being an apprentice that’s me!!!) Citizens couldn’t really advise me anything apart from to call them back and see what someone else says. Went back to Rachel’s to collect Ben, he plays so well bless him out in the garden, with his trains, basically running round and doing his own thing. Rachel (ben’s childminder) printed some Information she had found out about working tax credits to help me out and dropped me and Ben home. So put Ben down for a nap and called the tax credits helpline and Thank god the woman who I spoke to on Saturday was wrong. I am entitled to child care help. So yaaaaay won’t have to quit the apprenticeship and my dream continues.

Motherhood – once again I left the buggy in mum’s boot. So Ben got to go on a little adventure this morning. Got on a bus with him and he loved it. “Oh wow” Ben said sitting next to me in his own seat. Looking out the window as the bus set off “oh wow”. He was so excited. I adore the way little things amaze him.


Picture of him above on the bus.
We got off the bus and walked to Rachel’s. He wanted to pick up every flower and stone he saw, but he held my hand the whole way to Rachel’s house.
We got home and he had his nap. When he wakes up he always gives the best cuddles whilst he wakes up. Had a bit of lunch together, egg on toast and played Iggle Piggle whilst we waited for Matt to come in from work. Matt came in from work and we got Ben dressed for bed and took him over to my mums. Ben loves going to my mums and he knows exactly what he wants when he gets there. Toy cars. So had a cuppa with mum. Smothered Ben in kisses and left. Mum is having Ben as I start at the new salon tomorrow and Rachel has Tuesdays off.

Matt and I popped off to get a few bits in tesco and popped into our local for a few drinks. Matt and I are obviously don’t get to spend a lot of time together so it was nice to spend some quality time together. So a tesco finest meal each and a bit of breaking bad!!! Ben not being here is really strange. It’s extra quiet. Seems like a piece of me is missing but I know he is in brilliant hands with my mum.


Day Nineteen – The Government

Career – Well to say I’m absolutely disgusted with this country is an understatement. I got a call from HM revenue and customs and they proceeded to tell me as I’m doing an apprenticeship they can no longer pay for childcare! So I asked them how did they expect me to work, go to college and look after my baby. The woman advised me that the apprenticeship wasn’t for me! How would she know?

Absolutely fuming! I understand Benjamin is my son and I should pay for his childcare but it makes me laugh that you’ve got people who claim there ‘depressed’ with cars and three bedroom houses on benefits jetting off all over the world, people who just come into this country to claim off our benefit system and to have babies but all I’m trying to do is get a skill/trade so I can work and pay my taxes but this government wants to make it as hard as possible. It’s alright to sit on the doll and get thousands of pounds of tax free money but me someone who wants to work now can’t. Apprenticeship at risk now. Haven’t got a clue what to do apart from write my MP (that’s gonna be ignored) and maybe the papers and go and see the citizens advice.

I don’t wanna sit on my a**e and watch Jeremy Kyle all day. I have been on benefits so surely the government should be encouraging me into work and training.

Thank god my mum came round this morning, I was really tearful and still am very angry at the pen pushers who sit and make these ‘decision’s’ to make it hard for people like me. People like David Cameron who makes the odd speech and lives in a nice house, nice car, nice holiday, good schools for his children wants to live on what I have to a week and see what it’s really like to have real stress in his life.

Really am fed up as you can probably tell.

Motherhood – Well my mum, nan, Ben and I all went out after the terrible morning I had had. It was so lovely to be out with nan as she rarely comes out. We walked around town went for some lunch, where Ben sat at the table not in the high chair and he was excellently behaved and then he walked round pets at home to look at the fish, rabbits and Guinea pigs. Again excellent even when it was time to get back in his buggy, he got back in no tantrums. Went back to nanny’s Ben had a sleep then we came home. Sitting here now reading waiting for me to read his iggle piggle book so off I go.

Have a good evening!


Day Eighteen – Goodbyes

Career – Got into the salon today and was greeted by my managers beautiful old English sheepdog ‘Bentley’. He is such a lovely dog looks wise and by nature. Giving him a quick stroke I thought I better tell my manager sooner rather than later that I was leaving. So I asked to speak to him quickly and gave him the reasons for me leaving etc. He replied “Sarah I wanted you to start full time next week” my heart sunk. I feel so guilty as he was willing to give me a chance despite my age (22, most managers say that’s to old to start hairdressing). He carried on “it’s been lovely knowing you, you’re a real pleasure to have in the salon. It’s such a shame you don’t live closer”.

The day carried on. Quite a busy morning didn’t sit down till lunch time to have a sandwich. Couple of cancellations early afternoon gave me some time to clean the salon. My college called my manager to see that I was leaving and hasn’t been sacked or anything and he gave me a glowing reference which was really sweet of him.

End of the day came and just after 5 Matt and Ben came into the salon. One of the stylists gave Ben a quick haircut FOC again really sweet and then I had to do a few more shampoo’s and left. As I was leaving the manager asked me to pop in and see him and tell him how I was getting on during my course etc and we agreed if he had any party work he would give a call (again very nice).

Motherhood – Couldn’t wait to get home and spend some time with Matt and Ben. When we arrived home there was 2 parcels outside my front door. 1 my new college book, the other a package full of iggle piggle goodies for Benjamin. He was so excited when I opened the package. “Who’s that?” He excitedly squealed. As I pull the other figurines out of the package “ooo wow” he said. I love that something I won on eBay for 3 pounds can give him so much excitement! He played contently after his dinner, had a bath and drunk his milk until “blerggggggh” all over me, my new throw and the new sofa. All four of us are now de-sicked, Benjamin washed and fast asleep, throw drying off after coming out of a boil wash!!! Sofa wiped, febreezed and then dried by hair dryer and me freshly bathed!!!

My fault I should of waited for his dinner to go down. Rookie error!!!

So now a nice 3 days off before I start work at the new salon next Tuesday.